Specialised in all aspects of Coastal and Harbour Engineering, Arti Proje is one of Turkey’s leading companies in its field. With over 25 years of experience working within Turkey and internationally, Arti Proje provides a full scope of engineering and consultancy services for marinas and yacht harbours, commercial ports and jetties, underwater pipelines, marine terminals and coastal projects, including the development of coastlines and beaches for specific tourism projects.

Master Planning and Feasibility Studies

We support investors in making the right investment decisions by providing master planning services which help them navigate through the investment process. This planning phase generally includes the development of conceptual plans and the selection of structural systems for the facilities, together with preliminary cost estimations which are later used at the feasibility stage of the project. All these elements offer critical insights which help the investment decision.

Our planning stage services are also frequently extended to cover the preparation of permit documents, at a national or regional level. Given the importance of the permitting projects for many projects we are involved in, we often develop our conceptual designs and planning works with the EIA process in mind, and these can be used in EIA studies by environmental consulting groups working on the same project.

We additionally offer master planning and feasibility services for ports and marinas being developed within the Built-Operate-Transfer (BOT) investment model, working closely with our clients to understand the entire lifespan of the investment.

With a wealth of experience in marina planning and design, Arti Proje has been involved in the design and construction of many of Turkey’s leading marinas. As a key specialization area of ours, Arti Proje’s experience and scope of services goes beyond the engineering aspect of marina developments to include insights on operations and management. Having worked on over twenty marinas in Turkey and overseas, we have collaborated with world renowned architectural and master planning offices to develop award winning marinas.

Our services cover the full scope of marina development from facility programming, equipment selection, utility, capacity and boat-mix planning to the design of floating piers and moorings and extends to include operation consultancy and management assistance.

Coastal Engineering

Coastal engineering is one of our core areas of expertise. Through our coastal engineering services, we offer our clients a full understanding of the coastal condition of the project area and provide innovative designs to fit their needs.

Our services include the following:

– Shoreline change studies
– Beach and fill design
– Numerical modelling
– Environmental modelling
– Sedimentation studies
– Dredging
– Coastal structures, breakwaters, seawalls, revetments, bulkheads, groins and jetties
– Field data collection

By using cutting-edge modelling software in our studies, we are able to develop high-level engineering models upon which we base our structural plans and designs. With a staff that has been specially trained in the application of numerical modelling techniques, we are able to additionally make forecasts and measure results to ensure the soundness of project design and guide future technical developments in each individual project.

Marine Structural Design

With an experienced marine structure design team, Arti Proje excels in this field of design and project development. From coastal protection to the design of berthing structures, our team has been involved in several local and international marine projects.

Our engineering design services commence at the conceptual design phase and take projects through to the FEED stage, after which we generally provide basic and detailed structural designs.

Arti Proje is committed to delivering the complete range of structural design works for a variety of different marine structures, including:

– Blockwork quaywalls
– Piled berths and relieving platforms
– Sheetpile walls
– Caisson type berthing structures
– Breakwaters
– Offshore water intake structures
– Underwater pipelines
– Reclaimed areas
– Dolphins and mooring facilities
– Residential canals

We use advanced numerical models in the analysis of marine environments, structural behaviour and soil-structure interaction. Working within a region that carries a high earthquake risk, we are rehearsed in the complex studies and design techniques required to develop projects that can withstand seismic activity. As Arti Proje, we follow state-of-the-art methods applied in the most recent international seismic codes and standards, and regularly train our staff in these methods to keep them up-to-date with the latest engineering applications.

Construction Phase Services

Given our detailed knowledge of project design and successful design implementation, our partnership with our clients often continues into the construction phase of their projects.

During the construction phase our services include:

– Preparation of technical specifications and tender documentation
– Permitting assistance
– Construction supervision
– Underwater inspections
– Update and revision of designs
– Provision of technical assistance to Investors for claim and contract management
– Preparation of as-built drawings