ARTI Proje, is an engineering and consultancy company offering services in the areas of coastal, marine and port engineering. Since its establishment in 1994, ARTI Proje has been committed to delivering its strict understanding of quality and trusted service across its entire project portfolio.


Based on our high-grade competency within the field of marine structural engineering, we provide our clients with solutions which not only offer coherence across the entire project life-span, but which also add value for the investor and end-user. Private sector investments account for 90 percent of our projects, ranging from power plants and underwater pipeline projects being carried out by international energy giants, to the development of marine terminals for multi-national companies in the more industrial sectors. On the tourism side, we are active in the development of marina and waterfront projects for private investors, in addition to beach and coast restoration of holiday resorts and venues, increasing the attractiveness and value of the facility itself. As ARTI Proje, we are also involved in large scale public sector projects, primarily through our collaboration with EPC contractors.

Celebrating a milestone 20th anniversary recently, we as ARTI Proje are equipped with a vast scope of -experience and have accordingly developed our own strong business culture of understanding, allowing us to respond to investor demands and priorities in highly challenging engineering projects. We are not only committed to delivering quality results for client needs, but to taking this to the next level and challenging sector boundaries to set new benchmarks through the development of unique engineering solutions and design. Based on this approach, ARTI Proje is today recognized as a reliable and technically sound solution provider with high-quality standards, making our Company a preferred business partner in its field.

Our clientele also include another very special group in the global sector; international consulting companies. We provide services to these primarily European groups, either as a sub-consultant or project partner, by sharing our design and costruction experience within our region covering Turkey, Cyprus, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, North Africa, the Russian Black Sea coast and the Caspian Sea.



At ARTI Proje, we believe that the people behind the projects we develop are one of our strongest assets. We provide our services with a team of skilled civil engineers, who are specialised in the areas of coastal and port engineering.

We approach each project individually, teaming up project specifications with one of our specialists, who then oversees the project, leading both project management and customer relations. At ARTI Proje, we place great importance on internal knowledge sharing to foster continuous development, therefore, our engineering team is well acquainted with national and international codes and standards, as well as design quality norms and the latest developments in the sector.

We focus on the implementation of an integrated design approach and we collaborate successfully with local and international expert consulting groups on projects demanding high-level multidisciplinary solutions.


“We owe our success to our ability to develop a trustworth relationship with our clients; to meeting their expectations through a high level of service and showing persistence in our efforts to innovate through our project designs.”
Tunc Gokce, PhD, Company Manager

Tunc Gokce,
PhD, Company Manager